Italian Sausage and Brocolli Pasta

Think twice before bringing the Olympics to your town.  Vancouver, which is already one of the cleanest and prettiest cities in the world, is preparing for the 2010 Olympics with a large-scale beautification program to the tune of half a billion dollars!   Heaven forbid that a visitor to the 2010 Olympics should be jiggled by driving over a bump in to road!  It's being funded by cut-backs in many government funded programs.Yes, they are cutting back on their precious health-care,  senior services, and education!

When you too are suffering from cut-backs, try serving this pasta variation which is quite satisfying and filling.

Cut into small pieces, then brown and cook through 5 sweet Italian sausage links

Slice thinly and saute in olive oil:
3 cloves of garlic
4 white mushrooms
Season with Oregano,
Hot Chili peppers
Chopped Sun dried Tomatoes

Deglaze with 1cup of white wine
1 chicken bouillon cube

Let simmer and boil the water for the pasta
Meanwhile prepare the broccoli by cutting into florets
When the water is boiling, add the pasta (I cooked Campanelli pasta for a nice change)
Add the broccoli to the sausage, mushroom, garlic & white wine pan
Cover and simmer, so that the broccoli steams


Grate a cup of Parmesan cheese

Also, prepare a loaf of french or Italian bread by slicing and inserting butter and then heating in the oven until the butter is melted and the bread is hot and crispy


You can always run a lap or two tomorrow!

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