Potato Chip Fritatta

On the recommendation of a friend, I went on the Whole30 diet and made it all the way through the entire 30 days without any slip ups. As with any diet plan, it does take some dedication but I think it never hurts (at least for me) to 1.) shed a few winter pounds before the warm weather kicks in, and 2.) get out of the habit of stuffing my face with gluten and sweets which caused me to gain a few winter pounds!

The main problem with the plan, as I see it, is that although it gives you a generous list of foods to eat, and a pretty strict list of foods not to eat (which you just have to go along with and not question the logic behind it  - for example, why no Stevia to sweeten your coffee, but fruit and dried fruit and other sweet foods are encouraged?  Couldn't a cavemen have found a sprig of Stevia to chew on?) but if you're not careful and eat too many nuts and dates etc., the calories rack up and you won't lose any weight.

So what have I taken away from the Whole30 diet experience? One is a genuine liking for coconut cream in my coffee, and the realization that I really miss my evening glass of wine too much when I can't have it. Ouch! Oh, and I lost around 5 pounds.

For me, the only thing that made the Whole30 plan tolerable was the fact that you are allowed to eat potatoes. Eggs and potatoes are a really nice combination and I made several fritatta combinations over the month but I think that my "Potato Chip Fritatta" is the best! Don't use potato chips out of a bag, but make your own homemade oven roasted potato chips - they are chewier. That is the only thing that takes the tiniest bit of effort and the rest is as simple as 1, 2, 3....of course, don't add the cheese or cream if you are on the Whole30 and going lactose free!

1 or 2 large russet potatoes, thinly sliced
olive oil to coat the potatoes 
1/2 cup diced or sliced onions
1 cups small broccoli florets
3 slices deli ham or crispy bacon
12 eggs, beaten
2 tablespoons cream, optional
1 tsp salt,
pinch of pepper, 
dash of nutmeg 
2 slices of Swiss cheese, optional  

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Slice the potatoes, salt, and roast in the oven with olive oil until golden - they don't have to be very crispy. Saute the onions in a little olive oil or butter until golden, then add the broccoli and steam in the pan until soft.  Layer in the bottom of the pie dish. Beat the eggs and add the cream, pepper, salt, and nutmeg. Pour in the mixture into the dish. Layer in the ham or bacon and the Swiss cheese. Top with your now golden oven roasted potato chips.  Place on a middle rack and cook for 30 - 40 minutes or until just set in the middle. It will puff up when it's cooked!

  "What I say is that, if a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow."
  A.A. Milne

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